About JDedmonPhoto

Welcome to JDedmonPhoto! Take a moment to look over the various galleries to see examples of my work within the artform of photography.

I began my passion for photography at the age of ten with the help of my grade school science teacher. He assembled a group of us shy youngsters to show us the use of chemisty and photography. 

Not long after, my father helped me build my first darkroom in our basement. While he would have rather I taken up basketball, he seemed pleased when the first print I produced was of a military plane he flew when he was in the Navy, not to mention my half inch vertical leap wasn't very impressive.

Years later I managed a camera store in Charlotte, Adger Smythe, where I learned a great deal working with local pros and specialized in lighting. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the latest equipment and to show others how to use it best.  It was also while working there that I was given the chance to attend Leica school in Wetzlar, Germany. Along the way I filled in for my boss here and there teaching a couple photo classes at CPCC where I helped pass on my knowledge of photographic fundaementals.

Over the years photography has been an artistic outlet, and over the past few years it has been a source of exploration, learning, and enjoyment.
JDedmonPhoto images have been used by media outlets such as ZUMAPress Int'l., ICON Sports Media, CALSport Media, AP Photo, and published in the likes of Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Forbes, Si.com, CNN, and area magazines and newpapers.
Let me capture your idea, event, and produce images that you will be proud of, bring you joy, and document that most important gift we all share, life.

Clients include Time-Warner Cable, ESPN, Antawn Jamison, Charlotte Fire and Police Depts., Sports Illustrated,  American Heart Association, News 14 Carolina's, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Coldwell Banker Realty, Charlotte Weekly, Rhino TImes, Charlotte Center City Partners, American Freedom Coalition, Alcan Corporation, Ashton - Bosler Communications, Guys with Ties, Second Breath Foundation, the Charlotte St. Patricks Day Parade.

Thank you to all my friends who have encouraged and supported me over the years...I look forward to an email or phone call about how you would like me to help you capture your important moments.